UVB radiation of the sun causes skin cancer. UVB radiation is particularly high in the USA. This is dangerous!!

The UVI is a measure of the level of UV radiation. This index was developed by the WHO:
0-2 low radiation.
3-5 moderate radiation.
6-7 high radiation.
8-10 very high radiation.
11 extreme radiation.

People with warts have reason to beware of sunbathing because harmless warts can easily turn into diseased tumors from the effect of UVB radiation. What’s more skin cancer is one of the most dangerous types of tumors, if it becomes melanoma the death rate is 80%. Women with light skin color are the most endangered. Furthermore this deadly disease is peracute – it can kill people in 2-3 months.

R47- PROTUMOL® treatment cream is a Hungarian invention made exclusively from natural ingredients. This cream not only provides protection against harmful radiation but it also helps to kill tumorous cells. This effect is proven by trials carried out at dermatological clinics of medical universities. This cream absorbs fast, does not leave marks on clothes and can be applied before and after sunbathing. Experts recommend that it is used for prevention and for maintenance treatment too.

Protect your birthmarks and use R47- PROTUMOL® cream for prevention! Prevention is investment in the future! What’s more this cream can effectively be used for the treatment of developed skin cancer!

R47- PROTUMOL® treatment cream only contains natural ingredients whose components are antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, flavonoids, enzymes and natural acids. Antioxidants protect the body against the harmful effects of free radicals thereby slowing down the cells’ ageing process, inhibit the malign malformation of the cells and support the immune system. The cream doesn’t have any side effects and it can be applied on the whole body surface.

The ingredients of the active agents act synergistically exercising positive physiological effect during the treatment. The synergy of the active agents create a mode of action as a result of which R47- PROTUMOL® cream is not only effective at the place of application but along with the treatment, due to the significance of the ingredients, it supports the healing process by strengthening the immune system.