From the cancer types – including cancers of the internal organs – melanoma malignum has
the highest rate of mortality.
In a late stage the tumor is continuously bleeding and creates metastasis.
Today there is no therapy in the field of medical science that can stop the bleeding.
The blood from the melanoma tumor may be leaking non stop for years until the death of the

Our laboratory has developed a product that stops the constant bleeding in 2-3 days. As a
result of the product the blood stops bleeding from the cancerous tumor.
The product not only stops the bleeding. It also inhibits the growth of the melanoma tumor
then gradiually, step-by-step it shrinks the size of the tumor.
This product contains only natural ingredients. It is no toxic and has no side effect.
The product development has finished. It is ready to become a medicine and heal patients.

In order to get it registered as a medicine the first step is carrying out the human clinical trials.
The clinical trials that confrom the pharmacological protocol cost a lot of money.
We ask for your support for the financing of these clinical trials. Our goal is to get this
product registered as a medicine so that it can help patients with cancer.

Please donate an amount that feels right for you. Only donate as much money as you can
afford. Your donatation will contribute to the finalization of the Bleeding Melanoma projekt.

Thank you in advance for your donation.
The PROPHARMATECH ® Research and Development Laboratory will issue an authentic
Donation Certificate that will be sent to the donor by email.
The Donation Certificate will indicate the name of the donor, the goal of the donation and the
donated amount.

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