The R47-PROTUMOL® treatment cream is quick and effective!


We applied the R47-PROTUMOL® Cream in histologically proved malignant cases of mutations close to the skin surface, besides regular control.

There were five patients with breast cancer – two of them had irremovable malignant tumour, three of them had palpable metastasis in their armpits.

The R47-PROTUMOL® Cream was applied 2-3 times a day regularly, with a control six months later. The 6-7 cm tumour in the breast reduced to 1 cm. The armpit metastasis of the other patients became not to be palpable. The big breast tumour of the patient, which was reduced to a 1 cm size due to the treatment, became removable. The patient was operated on, and the 1cm size tumour was removed.
After the operation histological examination found only 1-2 malignant groups of cells in the mutation. After the metastasis in the armpits disappeared, a complete armpit block dissection was carried out, and malignant mutation was found only in 1-1 groups of cells.This histological diagnosis definitely proves the regression of the tumour. Let me also add that this patient did not receive chemotherapy.

Among my cases there was an ulcerating metastasis on the neck. Having used two tubes of R47-PROTUMOL® Cream the metastasis reduced, ulceration healed. Though the basic disease was not healed, the quality of life of the patient was remarkably bettered, and this could not have been reached by any other means. In my experience I have not seen such a remission in any of my great number of cases.

I have found a similar, medically approved remission in the case of a 35-year-old patient who had an untended, ulcerating breast tumour. After the persistent use of the R47-PROTUMOL® Cream the tumour substantially reduced, ulceration disappeared, and the tumour could be removed.

Substantially swollen benevolent lymphomas on the neck had completely disappeared after the persistent use of the Cream.

The malignant lymphoma with secretion of a baby’s fist size on the neck of the patient became hardly palpable after the use of the R47-PROTUMOL® Cream, and secretion ceased. During the treatment the patient did not receive chemotherapy, so improvement is expressly due to the use of the Cream.

I have not yet experienced such a great improvement in the cases of patients with histologically proved malignancy if regular medical therapy was used.

Benignant, palpable mutations of the breast completely disappear by the use of the R47-PROTUMOL® Cream. Thus this Cream is irreplaceable as a preventive as well, regarding the great number of breast tumours.

The medically evident positive effect of the R47-PROTUMOL® Cream is to my great pleasure. 

How to use the R47-PROTUMOL®  treatment cream for breast cancer?

  • Apply the cream in a thin layer three times a day on both breasts and the armpits. It is recommended to apply the cream on both breasts and armpits even if the tumour is present only in one breast. The R47-PROTUMOL® cream is safe and effective in case of ulcerous tumour too.

How to use the R47-PROTUMOL®  treatment cream for breast cancer along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy?

  • Chemotherapy:
    The R47-PROTUMOL® cream can be applied before, during and after treatment as well. According to experience the cream decreases or eliminates the side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Radiotherapy:
    The R47-PROTUMOL® cream can be applied before and after radiotherapy treatment. However one week before the radiotherapy treatment the use of the cream must be stopped on the surface where the patient receives the radiation. It is not recommended to apply the cream for one week after radiotherapy on the surface where the patient received the radiation. It is not recommended either to use the cream directly on that surface. Before and during radiotherapy it is recommended to apply the cream on the inner side of the elbows or on the spine 2-3 times daily. The active ingredients reach the blood stream very quickly from these areas so the cream can work efficiently even during radiotherapy. In case the skin is very sensitive and the skin is bruised, scared from radiation therapy then it can be used for the protection of skin 2 hours before and two hours after radiotherapy on the radiated surface. The cream accelerates the healing of bruised, scared skin and reduces pain. In this case the cream just has skin regenerative function because the anti-tumour effect is not experienced locally because of the radiation. Therefore it is recommended to put the cream on the inner side of the elbows and on the spine.
  • Ulcerous tumor:
    The R47-PROTUMOL® cream is safe and effective in case of ulcerous tumor too.

Note: Before each application wash the surface with ample water so that the layers of the cream don’t stack up on each other. Washing the surface is necessary because layers of cream on top of each other block the absorption of the active ingredients.