Why did the Hungarian Competition Authority state in 2009 that the medical effect of R47-PROTUMOL® treatment cream is not verified?

In 2009 we carried out clinical studies on animals and one human trial. This one human test was not considered to be sufficient proof by the extremely strict Hungarian Competition Authority. That is the reason why they assessed that the cream doesn’t have medical effects.

In 2011 a new round of trials was carried out in the Medical Department of The University of Szeged. This test was done according the pharmacological protocol. The trials ran between 27 April 2011 until 31 August 2011. This test was done on 37 people.

Click here: 2011- Official clinical tests 

The clinical test was financed by the Hungarian Government.

The Dermatological Clinics assessed that the R47-PROTUMOL® treatment cream is suitable for treating  Basal Cell Carcinoma and Actinic (Solar) Keratosis without side effects.

The positive effects were documented by the Clinics. The relevant information can be found on our website.